Nude ballet video: naked ballerinas perform super flexible tricks

Nude ballet video

And here is a story related to nude ballet dancers that happened to me some time ago. I had a long journey by plane, it took about 8 hours to fly. Moreover, the flight was delayed for some reason. I involuntarily drew attention in the hall to three young thin girls, almost teenagers. As I found out later, it was a ballet group that flew to the competition. All the girls were thin and slender, as if weightless. Thin porcelain skin, long legs, thin arms, wasp waist … But besides this, you could also see their wonderful sweet boobs under tight-fitting clothes.

Nude ballet class

These adorable babes decided not to waste time in the hall. They stood in the bridge, stretched out in twines on the floor, performed pirouettes. And if you take into account the fact that they were all dressed in T-shirts and short fluffy skirts, you could see how the lips of their pussies rub against their panties when they raise their legs higher. I think that many in the audience were fascinated by these girls. And when landing finally began, I imagined how hot these nude ballerinas could look.

Naked ballet dancers

Naked ballerina’s video

And when we were on the plane and in the neighboring rows, my fantasy was played out in earnest. An hour of the flight passed and many of the passengers fell asleep, but not the girls. They had a lot of fun and started playing cards. According to the rules of the game, the loser had to take off her clothes. First, the first loser took off her T-shirt and immediately covered her naked titties with the plaid. This girl seems to be unlucky today because she lost again and took off her skirt. I turned on the other side but still could not stop thinking that there was a naked ballerina two steps away from me. My tense cock was about to explode with excitement. I covered myself with the plaid so that no one would notice. And the girls played on … And in the end, they seem to have remained completely naked under the plaids. Then they went quiet for a while and I thought they were asleep. Then I carefully turned in their direction, secretly hoping that at some point the plaid would slide off one of them and I would be able to admire the ass or tits of nude ballet dancers. But what I saw turned me on incredibly!

Super flexible naked ballerinas

Nude ballet porn video

One girl, sitting near the window, lifted her leg up, stretched out in twine, and her friend, kneeling on a chair, licked her pussy. The third girl stroked the ass with the second nude ballerina with one hand and stroked her clitoris with the other. Blankets were lying on the floor, and flexible naked girls, who thought that everyone was asleep, were given their full pleasure. Then the naked ballerina that was sitting near the window lowered her leg and stood up. I saw that she had not finished yet and was very excited. I wondered what they would do next, but even I did not expect such a sight. Of course, I heard that gymnasts and ballerinas are very flexible, but I didn’t think that it was that much. So, one of the girls laid her head and neck on the seat of the chair. And she lifted her legs up and spread them in a split. Then the second girl immediately put her mouth to her clit and began to lick it, while she sat down with her wet pussy right on the first girl’s face. I saw that both girls have great pleasure, but the third, who had to fiddle with her clit, remains not entirely satisfied.

Nude ballet video

Naked ballet video

I hesitated a little, but then plucked up courage and walked over to the third girl, who was kneeling with her back to the aisle. Oh, her wet pussy was begging for someone to caress her. First I ran my finger over her, her pussy lips parted to me. Nude ballerina shuddered and turned her head. She clearly did not expect to see someone behind her. It was clear from her confused look that she did not know what to do and how to react. But I did not give her time to think and began to caress her pussy with my tongue. Wow, she smelled so sweet and started leaking even more from my skillful tongue. I kissed all the folds of her labia, caressed her clit, thrust my tongue deeper into her hole, and felt that she began to sit with her pussy on my tongue.

Flexible porn video

She looked like she was very horny. Therefore, she did not even begin to resist my finger, which I thrust into her. It was exactly what she lacked and literally, 10 seconds later she violently finished in my mouth. This nude ballet dancer groaned so loudly that people began to stir in the salon. It looks like she woke up one of the passengers. Her friends, watching us and caressing themselves, became quiet and immediately covered themselves with the plaids. I quickly returned to my seat, feeling the sweet juices of the naked ballerina on my lips.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. But after a while, I felt like something touches my penis through my pants. It was a long, slender leg with small toes. I turned around and saw the same flexible naked girl that I recently brought to orgasm. I could not resist and began to kiss her feet, lick her sweet toes. She liked it very much and she began to moan with pleasure. Then this nude ballerina moved closer to me and decided to thank me in a special way. She pulled off my pants and panties, and my excited cock jumped out. This flexible naked girl squeezed him between her feet and began to jerk it off. Her feet fluttered lightly over my hard cock and I made a cumshot on them a few minutes later.

Nude ballet

I unexpectedly fell asleep. I woke up when we started to land. The ballerinas from the neighboring row were fully dressed and did not even look in my direction. For a while, it even seemed to me that I had all this in a dream. But the smell of my ballerina’s sweet pussy remained on my lips and fingers …

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